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Brampton Manor Academy – A gleaming example of success

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Change is never easy. But the pursuit of improvement demands change. And in the educational sector, where the future minds of our nation are being taught, developed and inspired, improvement is crucial.

Under new legislation, schools which are performing well can convert to academies, becoming independent from their local authority and thus receiving greater power of their curriculum and a greater proportion of the local schools’ budget. One such converted school is the Brampton Manor Academy in Newham, London; a school that has been achieving excellent academic results. Its mission is “to imbue young people with a sense of self worth, a desire to learn, an acceptance of challenge and the wisdom to make positive choices”. The academy’s stunning newly-built premises provide a great breeding ground not only for the pupils’ self-confidence but also for the development of their artistic tendencies.

Brampton Manor Academy - A gleaming example of success 

However, taking care of this inspiring environment had become a challenge and the academy set out to find a cleaning contractor that would fully grasp the school’s spirit and work in symbiosis with its mission. At last, in February 2011 Julius Rutherfoord, a London-based specialist education cleaning company, was entrusted with maintenance of the premises. Taking into consideration that the previous arrangements were not working efficiently, the pressure was on.

The initial process included taking over existing staff, which were formerly employed by the local authority and the previous contractor, retraining them and, above all, motivating them. In addition to new management, new exciting technological improvements were introduced as well and caused quite an excitement among the cleaning staff. The excitement and the new management approach have translated into renewed enthusiasm and vigour and the result has been better performance and efficiency. The premises are gleaming and the change has been noticed and appreciated by both the teaching staff and the students.

The success of this story has been in making the right choice. An experienced and competent partner can make all the difference needed to achieve your ultimate goal.

Julius Rutherfoord