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Security behind-the-scenes

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In this day and age you would not be exaggerating to say that data has become one of the most valuable commodities in the business world. So much so that whole industries have sprung up to provide data security to the commercial world. But all security systems, software and safeguards amount to virtually nothing when third-party employees, who you cannot necessarily trust, are given extensive access to your premises.
The most common outsourced employees who have regular access to your premises are the cleaning staff. Needless to say, that their integrity and trustworthiness is paramount to the safety of both your data and employees. Even though most commercial cleaning companies perform Criminal Record Bureau checks, the effort they invest into making sure that the identity of their employees is genuine often lacks the appropriate level of attention and diligence.

Often employers use document photocopies to verify the identity of potential employees. This is just not good enough and as Julius Rutherfoord’s recent collaboration with the UK Border Agency showed, vital signs of any tampering with carefully designed security features can easily be missed unless the original documents can be examined. In addition to an in-depth presentation about the security features on various documents, i.e. not just Identification Documents but also National Insurance cards, visas and residence permits, the representatives from the Agency examined a random sample of 150 documents from Julius Rutherfoord employees to determine their authenticity. The result?

Only one document was selected for further examination. Even though the document appeared to be authentic, the representatives from UK Border Agency felt it was prudent to investigate further. Our established relationship with the Agency means that in addition to airport-style security vetting systems, we have a secondary vital resource at our disposal. By nurturing relationships with individual officers, we avoid lengthy delays, which often occur when using the more-known Employer Checking Service. This means we are quick to ensure that every single one of our employees has a legal right to work in the UK and that the CRB checks are performed on the actual individuals employed.

Moreover, the power of word of mouth is immense and we can proudly say that over time the number of people coming to Julius Rutherfoord to seek employment under false identities has decreased from two a day to two a week. Our strict reputation precedes us. However, this means more resources and time have to be invested into finding legal, trustworthy and skilled staff. Unlike many other companies, we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the security and safety of our client, their employees and data.

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