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Smart Sustainability

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Over the recent decades sustainability has become one of the most discussed issues across all industries all over the world. Researchers research, theorists theorize and strategists strategize. As abstract as this topic can sound, the impacts are real. For instance, the Climate Group’s SMART 2020 report has shown that by implementing innovative whole-system solutions in approach to sustainability global businesses could collectively save more than 7.8 gigatons of CO2 as well as over £500 billion by 2020.

The economic situation around the world continues to fluctuate and the effects of world business on our planet are becoming more and more tangible. This might be the reason why sustainability is becoming more and more mainstream. Not only does it reduce the impact of business and manufacturing on our mother nature, but in the long-term it also reduces costs.

Every business is a part of an intricate network, where each member affects the other. That’s why it is important to pursue sustainable approach to procurement as well. Thus, choosing the right supplier is crucial. Julius Rutherfoord is proud to support its clients in their sustainable approach. How?

90% of our corporate vehicles are either electric petrol hybrids or LPG converted vehicles. Furthermore, our online vehicle tracking system enables us to continuously monitor carbon footprint and driver behaviour for each of our cars. As a result, we further reduce our carbon footprint by providing training in eco-friendly driving.


In May 2011 we have installed 60 square metres of solar panels on the roof at our Head Office. To date, we have generated 4641.45 kWh, reduced our energy consumption by 17% and as a result reduced our energy-related carbon footprint by nearly 5 tonnes of CO2.


Julius Rutherfoord recycles 70% of its waste, with the remaining 30% producing green energy. Recycling includes re-using spare parts from non-functional cleaning equipment and recycling through First Mile, which also have great systems and facilities in place for non-recyclable waste. Their incineration plant produces green energy – 1 tonne of waste generates enough electricity to run a fridge for 4 years. In addition to the management of our own waste, we also offer sustainable waste management services for our clients.

Our approach to sustainability includes implementation of latest innovative systems and choosing the right suppliers. We are trustworthy. We are reliable. We are truly green.

Julius Rutherfoord