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Beat the Bug

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Winter is upon us and this season comes hand in hand with outbreaks of flu and Norovirus, ‘the winter vomiting bug’. These epidemic outbreaks are difficult to contain, especially in high density, semi-enclosed areas such as offices, schools and hospitals. According to recent data, absenteeism costs the UK a staggering £32 billion each year.

Both Norovirus and flu viruses are highly infectious and great care and diligence needs to be taken to prevent its spread. Sanitization of frequently touched areas such as door panels, door handles, stair railings and toilet flushing mechanisms reduces the threat of colds, coughs, flu and Norovirus. However, Julius Rutherfoord recognizes that to keep premises hygienically clean, human cross-contamination must be minimalized.

Thanks to our immaculate approach we were selected by Kimberly-Clark to be one of the few commercial cleaning companies to pioneer their Healthy Workplace Project in the United Kingdom. The project is a ground-breaking innovative approach to hand hygiene that helps employees understand, eliminate and prevent the spread of germs throughout their offices.

As part of the initiative Julius Rutherfoord encourages our new and existing clients to recognize the importance of keeping key areas of germ transmission systematically clean and to introduce alcohol-free hand sanitizers to their premises. The smart-looking fully automated hand sanitizer dispensers are fixed to a stand, thus they are easily placed in the right locations.


The foamy antibacterial and virucidal skin sanitizer starts working immediately against many common organisms in as little as 30 seconds, reducing populations by up to 99.999%.

Furthermore, it provides the end user with pleasant experience, leaving hands non-sticky and fragrance free.

As we like to say, value for money does not necessarily mean the cheapest option. It means receiving the level of service you expect and deserve. We believe that maintaining healthy and safe environment for you and your staff is absolutely essential. It will not only reduce absenteeism but also raise staff satisfaction level. That’s what you deserve. That’s what you can expect from us. For less than 1p per clean.

For more information on hand sanitizers and all other services please e-mail or call 020 7819 6700.

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