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Survival and Evolution through Corporate Sustainability

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In a time of financial and environmental upheaval, it is difficult to know where to begin to improve corporate sustainability without causing your company additional headaches. Fear and uncertainty about how to approach sustainability hold many companies back from even attempting to address the issue even if they acknowledge that changes need to be made.

It is true that the scale of the sustainability concerns that the world is facing is daunting, but when broken down to a smaller scale and focusing on even the smallest changes a  company can make, it is clear that sustainability is attainable. As changes are implemented, they will accumulate and ultimately create a solid sustainability platform that can be built upon throughout the life of the company.

As more and more consumers become aware of issues surrounding sustainability, the way they perceive companies and their products is changing. In many cases they would prefer to support companies that reflect their own beliefs about the environment and this could cause problems for companies who show an unwillingness to adapt.

While speaking at a recent sustainability leadership summit, Boudewijn Poelmann, founder of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, stated:”Small companies that are passionate about creating change will take over if big companies do not adapt,” he said. “We already see that with energy, with so many small companies producing sustainable clean energy. The big companies are already starting to feel they are losing out”.

It is clear that sustainability will continue to be a pressing issue for companies of all sizes for the foreseeable future. Creating a sustainability strategy, no matter how small at first, will steadily help a company adapt.

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