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Eco Schools Initiative

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One of the hottest subjects that everyone is talking about in the staff room right now is sustainability.

The Eco Schools Initiative works to transform the health and sustainability in schools. This initiative encourages schools and parents to work towards a sustainable way of thinking through efforts which can be practiced at school.

This initiative is inspiring parents and their children to work with the teachers and other school board members to improve the health, safety, and sustainability of school facilities and operations.

The Eco Schools initiative has outlined simple and sustainable steps that schools can follow and encourage their students to make a difference.

Here are a few examples.

Energy and Climate

Encourage students to walk to school or ride a bike. Teachers can carpool, pick up other teachers or take the bus or public transportation instead of driving their own car to school.

How about a hybrid school bus?

Turn down your thermostat 1-2 degrees and watch your energy consumption go down.

Switch to low-energy light bulbs, and get an energy audit from your local utility company to conserve energy and reduce your bills.

Reduce Pollution

Promote “green cleaning” at your school by using more ecological cleaning procedures. For example, by using concentrated ecological cleaning products like the Delphis Eco range which is developed from plant-based surfactants. (see

Use micro-fibre mops and cloths as these require little or no chemicals

Creating a recycling centre, a composting area for your kitchen waste or a raised vegetable bed that children can plant with their own fruit and vegetable plants

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