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There are well over 50,000 fires in homes in Britain every year – that’s nearly 140 a day. Fire is a major safety hazard and the risk of fire in offices and schools is very real, especially considering the recent news about proposed cuts to fire brigades’ budgets.

Increasing fire prevention and protection awareness within your workplace is an on-going and important process.
We would like to share a few points that where highlighted during the recent Fire Warden Training course we attended at Metro Safety:

Practice good housekeeping by making sure fire exits are clear at all times

Ensure fire extinguishers are regularly checked and serviced

Fire alarms and drills are done on a regular basis

Clearly mark all possible fire exits

Update and reassess the fire procedure regularly

Make sure the fire assembly point is a safe distance from the building

Communicate with all staff about the procedures if a fire was to occur

Regular fire drills and risk assessments can significantly reduce the likelihood of fire breaking out at your premises.
For more information on Fire Safety please view:

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