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Mobile phones – breeding ground for germs

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Next time you use your mobile phone or PDA, you might want to give it a little clean.

Researchers have discovered there are more bacteria on the average mobile and PDA than you will find in a w/c. In tests there was up to 10 times the amount of bugs which can cause nausea and stomach problems than were present in a w/c.

Experts said the reason is that phones and PDAs are often passed between people including children,  which spreads the germs around – but they are seldom cleaned which means the diseases keep on building up. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, said during his on-going experiments he has found that bugs get onto a phone because it is so close to our hands and mouths.

By using mobiles and PDAs in public spaces, bacteria easily gets onto the devices. Professor Gerba added that because mobiles and PDAs are electronic some people are reticent about cleaning them.

Phones are just not part of our cleaning routine whereas we should think about giving them a wipe with an antibacterial substance every now and then.

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