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A monster contract at Mind Candy

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Mind Candy, the company that created Moshi Monsters – an online world where over 65 million children have already adopted their own ‘monster’ with which to embark on adventures and interact with their friends – have appointed Julius Rutherfoord to clean their newly-refurbished offices.

As you might expect from a creative technology company on London’s famous Silicon Roundabout, Mind Candy’s head office is far from conventional. Split over 2 floors and covering around 30,000 sq. ft. the majority of flooring is astro turf, the boardroom is a log cabin and there is a stainless steel slide linking the two floors. An environment like this requires a diverse cleaning skill-set which is all in a day’s work for Julius Rutherfoord.

Additional challenges associated with high tech, creative environments such as Mind Candy involve a familiarity with working practices and using initiative. The office has huge expanses of white walling called ‘scrum walls’ that are used by software companies to project manage software and product development. Julius Rutherfoord staff know only to clean these areas when the client tells them it’s safe to do so, thus guarding against the loss of some key piece of coding or the next big product idea!

Measures such as compulsory BICSc-accredited training and paying above the minimum wage ensure Julius Rutherfoord attracts and retains the best staff.

You can read more on our appointment at Mind Candy on the  Cleaning Hygiene Today website

A monster contract at Mind Candy

Julius Rutherfoord