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Client survey reveals 98% satisfaction rating amongst Julius Rutherfoord clients

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As part of Julius Rutherfoord’s philosophy of continually seeking ways to improve our service delivery and identify client’s needs, we recently instructed an external agency to conduct a client perception survey of all Julius Rutherfoord clients.

The online survey was sent via email and consisted of 14 questions designed to gauge the views of our customers and the perception of the Julius Rutherfoord brand within our industry. Thanks to a high response rate of 26% we were able to gain a great insight into what clients expect, what we are doing right, and what we could improve upon.

The most encouraging result from the client perception survey was a resounding 98% client satisfaction rating. This fantastic achievement reflects the time and effort placed into the management of each contact that we undertake, and is the result of 20 years’ experience and our ‘Fresh thinking in cleaning’ approach.

Despite such a high client satisfaction rating, complacency is something that we at Julius Rutherfoord strive to eradicate from our business. Whilst 98% of clients that responded were satisfied, an impressive 39% rated the service as EXCELLENT. This too is a great achievement but provides an opportunity for further improvement.

We wish to thank everybody that participated in the survey, and with another survey scheduled in 6 months’ time, we are looking to address the issues raised and improve our client satisfaction rating further still.

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