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Julius Rutherfoord shortlisted for prestigious Healthy Workplace Award

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At this year’s Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Awards, Julius Rutherfoord hopes to build on our previous success of winning the award for ‘Best Cleaned Educational Premises’ by adding the ‘Healthy Workplace’ award to our list of achievements.

The ‘Healthy Workplace’ category is for “companies that have taken significant steps to provide a more hygienic office environment to help reduce sickness and increase employee wellbeing”. Since the launch of our Healthy Workplace Initiative in December 2012, Julius Rutherfoord has been working hard at finding ways to improve both the health and wellbeing of our employees and the cleanliness of our office.
We undertook a number of swab tests throughout our office using an ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) reader to measure bacteria levels. The test identified that some of the surfaces in the kitchen area had higher bacteria levels than expected, whilst the levels taken from the sinks, taps and door handles in the toilets had lower levels. This intelligence helped us to quickly introduce measures to reduce bacteria levels in the kitchen, these included: staff awareness/training, installing anti-bacterial wipes and a paper centre-feed machine.
A further area that the tests identified as having increased levels of bacteria were some of our staff’s mobile phones and tablets. Julius Rutherfoord quickly reacted to this by creating our own specially formulated mobile phone cleaning wipe which eradicates 99% of germs including the common cold, influenza and norovirus.
“As an innovative cleaning company we feel strongly that we should practice what we preach, and the insights that we have gained through the work undertaken in our own headquarters provides the perfect basis upon which we can help our clients.” Says Andy de Sallis, Sales and Marketing Director at Julius Rutherfoord.
The Kimberley-Clark Golden Service Awards take place on November 1st 2013 and Julius Rutherfoord is shortlisted for three categories.
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