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Prevent Norovirus outbreaks in schools

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Norovirus is one of the most infectious viruses known to man, and outbreaks can be commonplace at this time of year. Caused by a virus (like the common cold), Norovirus spreads very easily and can be passed from one person to another when hands are not washed after using the toilet; through touching a surface that has the virus on it; or by eating contaminated food such as salads or shellfish.

A single case of Norovirus can easily become an outbreak, especially in environments of close proximity such as schools.

As a specialist education sector cleaning contractor, Julius Rutherfoord is extremely proud of our 100% record in preventing Norovirus outbreaks in the schools that we clean. In almost 20 years, we have never experienced an outbreak of Norovirus in our schools. In fact we have documented evidence of eradicating the problem in schools that previously experienced regular outbreaks:

Since taking over the contract at 30 schools in one particular London Borough, we have completely eradicated all Norovirus outbreaks during the last 4 winter seasons. Before we took over the contract, the schools suffered from regular outbreaks every single winter.

Our successful approach lies in understanding the crucial importance of keeping frequently touched areas such as door panels, bannisters, door handles and toilet flushing mechanisms in pristine condition. Furthermore, our colour coding system, i.e. using different coloured equipment to clean toilets, classrooms and food areas, ensures that there is no cross-contamination between areas and thus the risk of epidemic outbreaks is minimized.

We also understand that to achieve 100% reliability we have to dedicate great amount of our resources to staff training to make sure that every single employee is aware of and follows the correct procedures.

As always prevention is better than cure. And that’s why we are so successful.

Julius Rutherfoord