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Launch of the Healthy Workplace guide

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On the back of our recent success at the Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Awards – in which we won the award for the UK’s healthiest workplace for our own head office in Battersea – Julius Rutherfoord wanted to share ways in which other companies can create a healthy workplace and improve staff well-being.

With this goal, Julius Rutherfoord has written a guide called ‘8 ways to keep a healthy workplace’. It is intended as a free resource to help other organisations to improve their own workplace well-being. The work undertaken at our head office to win this prestigious award forms the basis from which we have written this guide.

The guide is comprised of 8 simple steps that can be taken by any organisation to improve the health and well-being of its staff. These range from specialist inside knowledge from the cleaning industry to lifestyle and staff management practices.

The guide is available free on the Julius Rutherfoord website. It is hoped that by downloading this guide and following the 8 simple steps, you can reduce staff sickness, and increase staff morale and productivity.

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