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Christmas gift to Crisis shelters

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Christmas gift to Crisis shelters

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This Christmas Julius Rutherfoord received a call for help from Crisis, the housing and homelessness charity. Crisis required assistance in the run up to Christmas with sourcing cleaning equipment.

Each year, Crisis operates 10 Christmas shelters in London to care for the homeless. Here they provide not only accommodation over the Christmas period but food, healthcare, advice and entertainment.

On this occasion, one of our existing clients became aware of Crisis’s need for assistance with their cleaning requirements and suggested that they contact Julius Rutherfoord – due to our expertise in this area and reputation for social responsibility and charitable donations.

We received the call from Crisis on Friday 20th December, and over the weekend Julius Rutherfoord purchased all of the necessary items and personally delivered them to the charity the following Monday morning.

The cleaning teams at Crisis were absolutely delighted to receive brand new cleaning equipment, which made their task of making the shelters comfortable and clean for Christmas so much easier. We were happy to supply Crisis with the following items free of charge:

  • 10 Henry tub vacuums
  • 100 Mops and buckets
  • 30 Brooms
  • 35 Dust Pan & Brushes

We have since learnt that Crisis’s Christmas campaign was a success and that they welcomed over 3,500 homeless guests over the Christmas period. Julius Rutherfoord applauds the work of everyone involved with Crisis and we were pleased to have been able to contribute toward this great cause, especially over Christmas.

Julius Rutherfoord