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Environmentally friendly cleaners

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Environmentally friendly cleaners

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Cleaning can be a dirty business, but some companies take their environmental responsibilities more seriously than others. At Julius Rutherfoord, we spend a lot of thought, effort and money in finding ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact.

In 2013 we saved a total of 172.96 tonnes of CO2 and we wanted to share how we achieved that great figure. By analysing all of our business activities, from the office, on the road and even our clients, we devised a number of environmentally friendly measures that we could employ to reduce our carbon emissions.

Solar panels on the Julius Rutherfoord head office supply a significant proportion of the electricity we use at the office. Hybrid and low emission vehicles help to save the equivalent of driving 83,313 fewer kilometres each year and our waste management service means that 0% of our clients waste goes to landfill.

for more information on how we managed this dramatic reduction, and how we can contribute to your own environmental targets, view our infographic A greener kind of cleaner.

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