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PRESS: Building 4 Education – West Thames College case study

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Julius Rutherfoord began cleaning at West Thames College in 2009 at the start of a period of extensive building work and renovation. These conditions required a flexible and expert cleaning contractor, a service that Julius Rutherfoord was able to provide. Our success at West Thames College was confirmed when we successfully were re-awarded the contract in 2013.

The new contract runs for a period of three years with the option of extending for a further 2 years, and has an annual value in excess of £¼ million. In addition to the main college campus, this new contract has also been extended to now include their Feltham Skills Centre, a more vocational skills based centre.

With over 6,500  students and 350 staff, West Thames College is a fantastic client and a great case study for Julius Rutherfoord’s specialist cleaning services for the education sector in London. The work undertaken here is outlined in this double page article in March’s edition of Building 4 Education magazine.

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