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Cleaning Tips to prevent the effects of Hay fever

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How to prevent hay fever

We know that hay fever is at its most troublesome in the summer months, with 1 in 5 people being affected by the symptoms at any one time (sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes). Hay fever is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen but has no outright cure. As part of Julius Rutherfoord’s Healthy Workplace Initiative we have assembled some of our top tips to aid in preventing and minimising the effects that hay fever has on your body.

Hay fever statistics

Wash hands and shower regularly

A surprisingly simple step to prevent hay fever is to wash your hands regularly throughout the day and to shower before bed. This washes pollen off of your body and hair, which will keep both you and your bedding pollen free. Additionally, try to change into fresh clothes if you have spent prolonged periods of time outside.

Clean and vacuum regularly

Hay fever and other allergies are caused by the presence of allergens such as pollen in the environment. Controlling the external environment is not easy but by cleaning and vacuuming indoors, regularly and thoroughly, you can help to reduce the presence of allergens in the office or at home.

Keep tissues to hand

Although hay fever is not contagious, it does lead to sneezing and runny noses. This is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to other germs being spread through the air. By ensuring that tissues, desk wipes and hand sanitisers are readily available throughout the office – a key feature of our healthy workplace initiative – you can help to contain those germs.

Keep windows shut

Despite the hot weather, try to keep the windows shut to prevent pollen being blown into your office. If it becomes too hot, try using a fan or air conditioning.

Do not dry clothes outside

Hanging washing up outside to dry might seem like a good idea but clothes hanging up outside will pick up pollen, causing a reaction once the clothes are worn. Similarly, pollen gets caught in pet fur so make sure you brush down your cat or dog before stroking them.

How Julius Rutherfoord can help prevent the effects of Hay fever

Over 40% of people say that their allergies affect their work, leading to an estimated £7.1 billion in reduced productivity annually in the UK economy alone. A professional cleaning contractor can help to reduce some of the factors that contribute towards hay fever.

As previously mentioned, regular cleaning and vacuuming will remove allergens from the office environment, and the Julius Rutherfoord Healthy Workplace Initiative provides all staff with the tissues, wipes and sanitisers to deal with all that sneezing.

Julius Rutherfoord’s ambition is to make London’s schools and offices cleaner and healthier places to be. Reducing the chances of hay fever not only makes people more comfortable, but it also makes them more productive, saving your company money!

As London’s premium cleaning contractor and proud winners of the 2013 Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Award for the UK’s Healthiest Workplace, Julius Rutherfoord are ideally placed to assist companies in improving their own workplace health and well-being.

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