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How to remove chewing gum from carpets

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How to remove chewing gum from carpets

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Why is chewing gum so sticky?

Chewing gum is usually made up of a ‘gum base’ with added food colouring/flavourings. It is this gum base that makes chewing gum stick to everything. The gum base is commonly made up of latexes, paraffin wax or beeswax, polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, stearic acid, and various natural gums. Once the chewing gum is no longer in contact with any sort of moisture, it becomes solid and forms a strong bond with the surface it is on.

How can chewing gum be removed?

As we all know, chewing gum’s sticky properties are a particularly troublesome opponent to cleaning, and it has become one of the main challenges for us in our day to day cleaning, particularly in schools. There are a variety of ways to remove chewing gum from surfaces, some more effective than others. These include using a steam cleaning machine with a chewing gum solvent remover, applying ice to turn the chewing gum rigid before peeling it off; and high pressure jet washing.

Chewing gum removal

How can Julius Rutherfoord help remove chewing gum?

At Julius Rutherfoord, we often encounter troublesome chewing gum, particularly in the education sector. Chewing gum is often trampled into carpets and stuck to the underside of tables.

Whilst performing a deep clean to one particular school during the summer holidays, the carpet was so thick with chewing gum you could barely see it. The client even advised us not to waste our time trying to remove it.

Thankfully, with our industry experience and dedicated cleaning personnel, we felt more than capable of meeting this particular challenge.

To remove such a vast amount of chewing gum we used a steam cleaning machine, combined with a chewing gum solvent remover. This successfully removed all of the chewing gum from the carpet; we then followed this up with a wet extraction machine to give the carpet a pristine finish. Due to the exceptional standards of cleaning achieved and the perseverance demonstrated through these efforts, we were awarded the full cleaning contract upon the school’s next cleaning review.

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