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Quality, Environment and Health & Safety ISO Certificates

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Anyone familiar with Julius Rutherfoord will not be surprised to learn that we are fully ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accredited, and have been since 2003.

These certificates demonstrate that, as a company, we do whatever we can to ensure that we deliver quality to our clients in an environmentally sustainable and safe way.

In October, Julius Rutherfoord was re-assessed for our compliance in all three international standards.  This re-certification audit assessed the continued conformity and effectiveness of our management system as a whole with all of the requirements of the certification criteria. We are pleased to announce that we once again reached the required standard and have been re-certified in each category.

The ISO accreditations are a statement to our stakeholders, employees and senior management that Julius Rutherfoord operates to a set framework in order to achieve our company’s objectives. By setting ourselves the task of maintaining an external certification we are proving the company’s commitment to these objectives.  In many areas we comply above and beyond the requirement of these certificates, for example our Carbon Smart accreditation.

Two assessors spent two days in our office analysing and reviewing our environmental, Health & safety and quality management systems. Their feedback was as follows:

“No major concerns or trends were identified during the visit… the Integrated Management System continues to be maintained with suitable operational controls and emergency preparedness being demonstrated, at both the company’s premises and during the site visit conducted, to meet the requirements of the standards.

Senior management commitment has been demonstrated by the holding of regular senior management review meetings, by the setting and monitoring of company-wide objectives and maintaining service level KPIs.

The internal audit programme is being maintained with appropriate corrective and preventive actions being implemented on the issues found. Any product or service non-conformities raised are suitably managed.

Customer satisfaction is being suitably monitored via the use of service level agreement metrics.

No environmental and health and safety complaints or incidents have been recorded since the previous NQA visit.

The assessors would like to thank the company for their hospitability and for the cooperation which was exhibited by all personnel seen during the visit.”


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