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How To Help Slow The Spread Of Flu In Schools

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How To Help Slow The Spread Of Flu In Schools

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Influenza (flu) and Norovirus can spread like wildfire in schools, causing students (and teachers) to feel sick with nausea, muscle aches, sore throats and fatigue. In severe cases, classes can be called off because student attendance is so low. To avoid an epidemic this flu season (and keep germs at bay throughout the year), cleaning companies in London like Julius Rutherfoord are here to help – here are some effective ways to survive the flu season!

How Can Schools Survive The Flu Season?

There are some simple ways you can slow the spread of flu in schools. The first of which is dreaded by many – vaccinations! Aside from this, cleaning and disinfecting school surfaces can go a long way. Cleaning and disinfecting are, despite being words that are used interchangeably, different:

  • Cleaning – Cleaning removes bacteria, dirt and other impurities from surfaces and objects. It doesn’t necessarily kill bacteria, but removes them. For instance, during vacuum cleaning dirt is simply sucked up from the carpet and into the vacuum. Although cleaning won’t completely sterilize an area, by removing dirt, the spread of infection can be dramatically reduced.
  • Disinfecting – Unlike cleaning, disinfecting destroys microorganisms, though it is less effective than sterilisation, which is an extreme process that kills all bacteria. It does not remove bacteria like cleaning would, but by destroying bacteria, infectious viruses are less likely to spread further. Disinfecting an area can be easily achieved by applying disinfectant solutions.

Cleaning and disinfecting daily around the school will help to slow the spread of flu and other viruses, but by concentrating on objects and surfaces that are frequently touched, like door handles, desks, computer keyboards and the like, teachers and students can feel happier that they’re more protected from illness.

Note: Drink spillages and crumbs on tables and floors essentially provide a mini eco-system for microorganisms to survive, including troublesome viruses. Immediately clean these areas to prevent viruses thriving. Waste should be handled and disposed of properly, and cleaning products and disinfectants should all be used safely.

Specialist cleaning companies in London such as Julius Rutherfoord, clean, disinfect and sanitise to the highest of standards. We even have a proven track record of eradicating outbreaks in schools such as Norovirus.

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