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A Guide To Deep Cleaning Computer Keyboards

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A Guide To Deep Cleaning Computer Keyboards

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Every day, dust, dirt and grime accumulates on your computer keyboard and in-between the keys. Mid-afternoon snacks may help to get you through the day but their crumbs can also feed bacteria. Many people also eat their lunch at their desk, but how often do theyclean theirdesk and keyboard? This is particularly worrisome for communal office keyboards, as grimy keyboards allow viruses to spread more easily. Fortunately, our office cleaners in London are here to help with this practical guide to sanitising your keyboard.

Keyboard Cleaning Tips From Our Office Cleaners In London

Before you begin, make sure your keyboard is unplugged from your desktop, or if you’re using a wireless keyboard, make sure everything is switched off. Next, turn your keyboard upside down and gently tap the back layer of it to remove any loose debris.

Depending on how dirty or how much time you want to commit to cleaning your keyboard, you can either clean your keyboard with or without taking the keys off. If your keys stick then we would advise removing your keys.

Without Removal Of Keys:

  1. Pour a small amount of isopropyl alcohol solution (preferably 60% or more alcohol) into a small container. Dip a cotton bud in the solution and rub in-between and on thetop of each key (taking care to apply more pressure on keys you use the most often, such as the spacebar). Never pour the isopropyl directly onto the keyboard as you will risk damaging the electronics – a saturated cotton bud is enough!
  2. Using a small soft-bristled dusting brush, gently swipe the keyboard to remove any dust particles.

With routine cleaning of your keyboard – our office cleaners in London would recommend at around once a week – you keyboard will feel much nicer to use and be less likely to make you ill!

With Removal Of Keys:

The majority of keyboards have removable keys that enable you to remove them with a little force. These can then simply be pressed back into place without much effort. If you’re not sure if the keys of your keyboard are removable, contact the device’s manufacturer to check that you’re not damaging it by doing so.

  1. Using a blunt tool such as a butter knife, simply place the edge of the tool beneath the corner of a key and carefully pry it off.  Usually, the key will pop off easily.
  2. Once all of the keys are off, you may be surprised by just how much dirt has accumulated underneath! You can then clean each key individually with soapy water or isopropyl and gently swipe the debris from the empty keyed keyboard. Remember to allow the keys to dry before clicking them back into place.

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