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Do Your Employees Eat At Their Desks?

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Do Your Employees Eat At Their Desks?

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Whilst all of us will be aware to some degree that eating a nutritious lunch can improve our health and productivity, it may be a surprise to find out that it isn’t just what we eat, but where and how we eat our midday meal that can also affect our health and productivity. Our team at Julius Rutherfoord, an outstanding office cleaning company in London, investigates.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat At Your Desk

Not only are desks typicallyunhygienic (harbouring more bacteria than the average toilet seat), we’re less likely to stay alert throughout the day without moving away from our desks and taking a break.

  • Hygiene – How often do you clean your desk? Your hands are the single biggest transferer of bacteria and they are constantly making contact with your keyboard, mouse and phone throughout the day.Without routine cleaning, keyboards will accumulate bits of dry skin, hair, dust, and other tiny remnants from your daily life.  Phones and mouse devices are just some of the other culprits that accumulate bacteria on your desk!Fallen crumbs from your lunchtime meal will only encourage the growth of bacteria – even drink spillages can become a source of food for those microscopic organisms! If you find it hard to resist snacking at your desk, it may be wise to invest in a keyboard cover.Workers’ taking days off work due to the spread of infectious viruses can have detrimental effects on a business, which is why an office cleaning company in London who does a thorough clean would be an advantage to any office!
  • Unhealthy – Taking time to leave your desk and eat somewhere else also gives your brain a well needed rest from work. You are more likely to feel pressured to take calls, answer emails and do other tasks if you eat at your desk, which can be stressful and distracting.
    Leaving your desk gives you a change of scenery, helping to refresh your brain and reduce fatigue, thus improving productivity. Socialising (even just a little bit) is also good for our mental health.

Working whilst eating can be so distracting that many employees will often eat more than they need. Contrary to this scenario, is skipping lunch altogether to focus on work. Unsurprisingly, this makes workers’ more stressed, less productive and prone to snacking in the afternoon anyway, so taking time to eat a proper lunch (not at your desk) is worthwhile!

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