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Increase Safety With Commercial Ground Maintenance Services

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Increase Safety With Commercial Ground Maintenance Services

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Whether it’s an educational establishment, a community building or a commercial office, Julius Rutherfoord’s specially trained ground maintenance teams cover everything from hedge trimming and cutting, to lawn mowing, planting and removing discarded items such as furniture and disposing of them responsibly; ensuring the exterior environment of a property is at its most beautiful and safe.Just like commercial contract cleaning services, maintaining grounds is highly recommended for all establishments for a safe and welcoming environment.

Why Ground Maintenance Services Are Important

  • Health and safety – Without frequent ground maintenance waste can build up, obstructing road markings, attracting pests and impacting the environment negatively. For grounds to adhere to health and safety guidelines, it is essential that proper ground maintenance (using approved protective equipment and tools) is regularly completed.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – It’s not all about safety; healthy, level lawns and a litter-free exterior will keep visitors happy, increase trust and, if you’re a commercial business for instance, attract more custom, ultimately creating the best possible environment for success. Commercial contract cleaning services help to keep your interior looking polished and tidy too!
  • Increases longevity – Paths, decking and other outdoor hard surfaces all need to be regularly maintained to slow down the impact of natural outdoor elements and keep them safe for pedestrians to use for many years to come. Whether you require moss or weed control or would benefit from regular outdoor sweeping and leaf clearance, an experienced and hardworking ground maintenance team will ensure that all outdoor paths and walkways are kept in the best possible condition so that they’re preserved for longer.

Julius Rutherfoord: Grounds Maintenance Services

The upkeep of onsite grounds can be a huge responsibility for any organisation or establishment. Julius Rutherfoord’s professional ground maintenance teams have all been specially trained in the relevant disciplines to keep exterior areas safe and unspoiled, whilst also providing a reassuring presence for all.

If you require a professional and efficient ground maintenance team or require any of our commercial contract cleaning services to keep exterior and interior areas safe and tidy, contact Julius Rutherfoord today on 020 7819 6700.

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