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A Guide To Preventing Slips and Trips In The Commercial Sector

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Slip and trip accidents are the leading cause of injury in UK workplaces, which is why all employers should take sensible measures to reduce hazards to create a safer environment. Below is advice from our commercial cleaners in London to preventing slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

How To Prevent Slip And Trip Accidents In Your Office

First of all you must carry out a risk assessment, which should highlight any potential hazards in your workplace. A great way to do this is to take a walk through your office and visualizewhere and how accidents may happen.Check to see if your employees are aware of any hazards you may miss. In many instances, slip and trip accidents can be prevented by taking straightforward measures, such as promptly cleaning up spillages when they occur. Other common hazards include uneven or loose flooring, trailing wires, obstacles such as clutter in aisles, poor lighting and much more.

  • Good communication and effective training can significantly reduce the likelihoodof a trip or slip accident occurring, but hiring experienced commercial cleaners in London can also make a huge difference, especially if they offer specialist services such as carpet and hard floor care.
  • Encourage safe working practices – An orderly and clean workplace is one of the most effective ways to keep your employees safe. Make it clear to each employee what their responsibilities are and carry out basic measures to reduce the risk of an accident in the workplace. For instance, keeping aisles free of bags, briefcases and other items (including electrical cords), clearing up spillages and wearing the appropriate footwear.

However somethings are the responsibility of the employer and are beyond the control of the employee. Poor lighting for example is often associated with an increase in accidents, so you should always ensure work areas well lit and clean for your staff and visitors.

Damage costs from insurance claims against employers are an estimated £500 million each year as a result of trip or slip accidents, but there are often plenty of hidden costs too. The cost to the individual can be even greater, especially if they’ve suffered a major injury, which when paired with the loss of an income, can be devastating for the individual and their family.

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