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Achieving A Diamond Shine Without Harmful Chemicals

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Most commercial cleaning companies by now are acutely aware of rising public concern about the environment, and are increasingly willing to take action to show that they are an eco-friendly company. Environmental impacts such as the damage to the ozone layer, the effect of greenhouse gases such as methane from landfill sites and carbon dioxide from vehicles and factories on climate change, all make their mark on our planet in one way or another, and not in a good way. Thankfully, there are increasingly more alternative cleaning methods and ways in which everyone in society can help protect our environment. Below we highlight just some of the fantastic green solutions available to commercial cleaning companies today.

Protecting The Environment We Live In With Innovative Cleaning Solutions

The toxic chemicals found in many cleaning products, such as bleach and ammonia, are of major concern to environmental experts. They not only produce toxic gases that lead to poor air quality, they also pollute our streams and rivers, consequently affecting aquatic creatures, and perhaps eventually affecting our entire food chain too.

The consequences of consuming toxic chemicals can be severe, from causing life threatening illnesses, to birth defects and more. This is why all commercial cleaning companies should prioritise the use of chemical-free cleaning solutions and look at different ways they can achieve the same, sanitary results. Diamond-encrusted twister pads for instance, clean and polish floors mechanically without the need for any chemicals, making them a great alternative to chemical cleaning products. They are hard floor cleaning pads with billions of microscopic diamonds encrusted onto them, and when rotated and combined with water, produce beautifully clean and glossy polished floors.

Julius Rutherfoord, a premium cleaning company operating in London, use 100% chemical free British made ecological cleaning products, and actively seek out new ways to make their service as efficient and sustainable as possible. They incorporate twister pads into their cleaning service, use their Greener fleet vehicle tracking software to enable them to keep a tab on the location, mileage and speed of all of their vehicles so that they can be sure their drivers are driving as efficiently as possible, have a waste management service that eliminates all waste from going to landfill, and so much more. In addition, their head office in Battersea is covered in 36 solar panels. These produce around 9,000 kWh of renewable electricity per year, reducing their Carbon footprint and even supplying the national grid.

Gumdrop Ltd, the first company in the world to recycle and process chewing gum into the rubber and plastics industry, was founded in 2009 and adopted by Julius Rutherfoord to keep educational, commercial and community establishments free of those little white splodges that litter our environment.

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Would you like to know more about Julius Rutherfoord’s environmentally-friendly cleaning methods? Why not give them a call on 020 78196700 and start achieving a diamond shine without harming our environment today!

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