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Are Dirty Bathrooms Ruining Your Business’ Reputation?

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Whether you’re the owner of a media company, law firm or other establishment,ensuring that the ladies and gents in your office are properly maintained is crucial to your business’ reputation. It may not seem overly important, but a visiting client may not agree. A dirty office will never reflect your company well, so it’s worthwhile taking the time to ensure the bathrooms are both clean and presentable. Our award-winning cleaning experts take a look at the reasons why businesses shouldn’t dismiss services provided by commercial cleaners in London.

Don’t Let A Poorly Maintained Washroom Define Your Business

Imagine you are a prospective client visiting a company. You’ve just been given an impressive sales pitch and are feeling positive about investing. Before you agree to a deal however, you head to the washroom, only to discover toilet roll unraveled over a wet floor, dripping taps, cracked flooring and empty soap dispensers. However great you thought the pitch was beforehand, the poorly kept bathroom is bound to have a negative impact on your impression of the company as a whole. You may even opt out of the deal altogether.

Don’t let a dirty bathroom be the cause of lost sales.Aside from making a bad impression, inadequately maintained bathrooms are also a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. Filthy toilets and sticky floors are only going to worsen over time without attention, and if soap isn’t available, bacteria and viruses are going to spread throughout the office more easily, meaning unhealthy and unhappy employees.

Employee expectations are higher than ever with almost half of employees admitting to changing their job for a better working environment.Losing your best staff and customers because of poor working environments is unnecessary, and likely to put you behind your competition.A clean and safe bathroom is imperative to a successful business, and as a business owner, it’s to your advantage to make sure that the entire office – not just the washroom – is both sanitary and safe for employees and customers.

Investing in cleaning and maintenance services carried out by expert commercial cleaners in London is the best and easiest way to clean up your establishment. At Julius Rutherfoord we provide a full range of washroom services, including regular inspections, general cleaning, feminine hygiene, vending machines, soap and towel dispensers, air fresheners, sanitising systems, and hand dryers. We also specialise in medical and clinical waste collection and disposal if required! All of these services will help to prevent the spread of viruses, slip and fall accidents and improve your company’s overall reputation!

A Reliable Cleaning Service From Julius Rutherfoord

Julius Rutherfoord’s commercial cleaners in London have experience working within a range of commercial industries, from legal firms to finance and media offices. If you require expert cleaning services to improve your reputation or would like to know more about our cleaning services in London, call our helpful advisors today on 020 7819 6700.

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