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How Do Landfill Sites Affect The Environment?

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How Do Landfill Sites Affect The Environment?

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Burying rubbish as a means of disposal is one the oldest and most common forms of waste management, but unfortunately, the impact that landfill sites have on the environment are huge. There are numerous professional commercial cleaners in London who all provide seemingly similar services, however many of these don’t have environmentally-friendly waste management systems in place. Below we take a look at how landfill sites are affecting our planet, and consider how we all can improve the way we manage our waste to help protect the environment.

The Environmental Impacts Of Landfill Sites On Our Planet

The environmental problems caused by landfill sites are various and plenty, from causing pollution to harming wildlife. Much of the waste buried in these landfills will eventually decompose, but during this process the colourless, odourless gas methane is produced (as well as other harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide), which all contribute to the greenhouse effect and consequently global warming.

Chemical cleaning solutions that have been dumped in landfills, such as bleach and ammonia, also produce toxic gases that can significantly impact the quality of air in the vicinity of the landfill. This is one of the main reasons why commercial cleaners in London should aim to use alternative, greener chemical-free solutions.

Not only are landfill sites harmful to the environment, they’re also unattractive, unsafe and prone to pest infestations. House prices near landfill sites are significantly lower, as dust, noise and odour is constant and can be somewhat unpleasant for residents in the surrounding area. The long-term effects on the environment only make it even more important that commercial cleaners in London are encouraged to minimise the amount of collected waste that goes to landfill.

What Can Be Done To Help The Environment?

While we may not be able to completely eliminate all rubbish and gases, we can all take steps to minimise the amount of it produced.

  • Reduce – Opt for similar products with less unrecyclable packaging, such as unwrapped fruit like bananas that already have their own natural and protective skin.
  • Reuse – With a little imagination, many things that we might otherwise throw away can be reused in a variety of ways – for instance glass jars that once held food can be used to organise office stationary.
  • Recycle – Recycle as much waste as much and as often as possible.

Julius Rutherfoord | Environmentally Conscious Commercial Cleaners In London

Julius Rutherfoord understand that everyone has a part to play when it comes to protecting the environment, and so their commercial cleaners in London go to great lengths to do their bit. Their commitment to the environment is evident in their 0% landfill waste policy, the introduction of their Greener fleet management system, the use of chemical-free cleaning agents, and much, much more.

They have built a reputation as London’s most professional and reliable contract cleaning company, so you can trust that the service you receive is of the highest quality. If you would like to know more about Julius Rutherfoord, why not give them a call on 020 78196700 today?

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