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Make Your Newly Refurbished Office Last Longer With Commercial Cleaning Services

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Keeping your office in optimal condition following a refurbishment is imperative to guarantee value for money. Find out how a commercial cleaning company in London could be the answer to the longevity of your workplace furnishings by reading our blog post below.

Prevent Deterioration Of Your Office Refurbishment With A Commercial Cleaning Company

Office refurbishments can be costly and arduous, but they’re well worth it when you see the final results! From the new, fresh smelling carpet to the sparklingwindows and plush furniture, a brand new office won’t just uplift you and your employees spirits, but will positively showcase your organisation to any visitors and prospective clients – keeping them engaged and interested in what you offer! So how can you keep it in top condition for years to come and get the most out of your investment?

The very best way to keep your office refurbishment in the best condition is with proper cleaning and maintenance. We’re not talking about a little dusting and vacuuming (though even a little cleaning does often go a long way), but the services of a specialist commercial cleaning company in London. Whether it’s hard floor care, carpet cleaning, general cleaning or window cleaning services; professional care is imperative in maintaining your office to the highest standard.

Hiring a cleaning company may seem like an unnecessary cost, but research suggests that by investing a further 10% in your building’s cleaning and maintenance, you can extend the life of your assets by as much as threefold; saving you money in the long-term, as well as saving natural resources. Not to mention the benefits from a clean office too, from reducing the spread of infectious diseases, to improving overall safety and wellbeing.

Forget another costly refit in another 10 years, keep your office looking professional and prevent wear and tear with the ultimate cleaning solutions, specialist equipment and highly trained staff. Not only will you reap the greatest return on your investment, exceeding guarantee times as proposed by manufacturers by another 10 or even 20 years, you and your employees will also work more positively and productively in a clean and fresh environment!

Julius Rutherfoord | Your Expert Commercial Cleaning Company In London

Julius Rutherfoord are an environmentally aware commercial cleaning company in London, doing everything we can to help protect the environment with efficient technology systems, eco-friendly (and effective) cleaning solutions, plus much more! We have over 20 years’ experience cleaning and maintaining a range of establishments in different sectors, so you can be sure our cleaning experts are up to the job!

If you would like more information on our commercial cleaning services, contact us today on 020 7819 6700.

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