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A Simple, Organised Guide To Uncluttering Your Office Desk

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Keeping your office desk clean and clear of clutter is a fantastic way to motivate you and increase your productivity. Messy desks are more than just an eyesore – they waste valuable time and, as they often consist of layers of clutter, dust and bacteria are more likely to go unnoticed,increasingyour risk of illness.

Julius Rutherfoord offers expert commercial cleaning services in London, helping businesses to succeed by promoting a cleaner, more professional environment and helping to keep your employees healthy.

Keep Your Desk Tidy (And More Hygienic) With These Easy Tips

  1. Acquire abin – Not just any bin however, but one that is within a hand’s reach of your desk. It may be all too temptingto leave rubbish or unnecessary papers on your desk if you have to get up to bin them, and a handy bin will also help you to begin uncluttering your desk…
  2. Sort through the piles of papers on your desk, recycling any unnecessary items (including all those small, unused accessories that seemed like a great idea when you initially purchased them). Keep in mind that you may be able to store a number of documents electronically to free up space on your desk. Why not make use of the office scanner and transfer hard copies over to your desktop?
  3. Invest (ever so carefully) in space-saving products, making sure you have a definitely use for each product you buy (so as not to create even more unnecessary clutter). A filling system of some sort for essential papers will help to keep your desk more organised. Remember to keep papers that you know you will need relatively soon together.
  4. Keep on top of it – Taking the time to have a quick scan of your desk each day to see if there’s anything you can do to improve it may seem like an excessive task that’s not required, but scheduling in a moment each day to organise and de-clutter your desk means that you won’t have to face the mammoth task of doing it when it becomes completely chaotic.

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