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How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaning Company

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Choosing the right commercial cleaning company in London isn’t as straightforward as you may think. You could go for the cheapest service available, but how reliable and efficient will they be? We’ve put together a simple, easy to follow guide to help you decide on the right commercial cleaning company.

What You Look For In A Commercial Cleaning Company

There are numerous things you should check before hiring a commercial cleaning company in London. Below we’ve compiled some questions to consider before you commit to a cleaning firm.

  1. Do you have a budget? Ultimately, the more you pay the better quality of service you will receive. If you opt for paying the lowest price, itis likely the cleaners won’t be paid well either, which leads to lower morale and may reflect in the quality of their cleaning. To help determine whether you will receive a quality service, continue reading!
  2. Are they as environmentally-friendly as possible? Many cleaning companies by now are aware of rising public concern about the environment, and are progressively more willing to take action to demonstrate that they are a company who cares about the planet. Whether it’s a more efficient way to travel to clients or incorporating the use of chemical-free cleaning agents into their service, the cleaning firm you choose should take measures to prevent further damage to the environment.
  3. Do they have experience working in your sector? Different kinds of establishments often have different requirements. The commercial cleaning company in London you decide on should be familiar working in the kind of establishment you own. Whether it’s a school or a large commercial estate, prior experience and knowledge can go a long way.
  4. How do they screen their cleaners? Security measures should be in place to protect your establishment. See if the company has a reliable security vetting system for all of their employees.
  5. What specialty services do they offer, if any? Can they clean your hard floors, carpets or windows specially if required? Commercial businesses are often high traffic areas, so choosing a firm that does offer specialist cleaning services will be more beneficial in the long run.
  6. Are they quick to mention their excellent customer retention rate? Last but not least, reputable commercial cleaning companies should have a good retention rate. If nothing is mentioned about this, it’s highly likely the service they offer isn’t up to scratch. Take a look at testimonials to see whether businesses like yours stay with the cleaning firm year on year.

Could Julius Rutherfoord Be The Right Company For You?

Julius Rutherfoord aims to be the best cleaning company in London and has a wealth of experience working within the commercial, educational and community sectors. If you require professional contract cleaning services or would like more information, visit their website today at or call them directly today on 020 7819 6700.

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