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Just How Dangerous Is Air Pollution In UK Cities?

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Air pollution isn’t something we hear much about here in the UK, but an EU court has ruled that the UK government must urgently improve air quality in British cities. Alan Andrews, lawyer for London based organisation ClientEarth which brought the case, stated ‘Thousands of people die because of air pollution in Britain every year. This ruling will save lives by forcing the government to finally take this issue seriously’. As a company who provides contract cleaning services for London clients, air pollution is an issue we regard as important here at* Julius Rutherfood. Read on for more information about UK air pollution.

EU Court Rules UK Government Must Clean Up Dangerous Air Pollution

Following a ruling on the 19th November 2014 in the European court of justice, UK cities are likely to introduce “ultra-low emission zones” in the next few years, which will see many heavy goods vehicles and diesel cars restricted, as the dangerous level of illegal air pollution across the UK continues to rise. Simon Birkett, director of Clean Air London said “Diesel exhaust must be banned from the most polluted places just as coal was 60 years ago.” So just how dangerous is air pollution in UK cities?

‘Air pollution is a serious public health issue facing our towns and cities” the shadow environment secretary Maria Eagle MP said. “Tens of thousands of lives are lost each year and yet David Cameron’s government has done nothing to solve the problem”. The case was referred from the UK Supreme court in early 2014 to the European courts after it ruled the government was failing in its legal duty to protect people from poor air quality. It followed evidence that confirmed in 2010, NO2 pollution legal limits were exceeded in 40 of the UK’s 43 urban zones. Separately, the European environment agency also commented on the day of the ruling, that almost all European city dwellers are exposed to pollutants at levels deemed unsafe by the World Health Organization (WHO).

With this European judgement, which the UK government cannot appeal against, perhaps the government will finally prioritise the issue of air quality. It’s not just the UK who are exceeding EU pollution limits however, 17 member states failed to do so.

If you’re looking for contract cleaning services in London by a company who is environmentally conscious, choose Julius Rutherfoord. We work with all of our clients to implement environmental initiatives, including recycling/waste management solutions and innovative chemical-free cleaning methods. Best of all perhaps, is our Greener fleet management system, which we use to monitor, train and educate our office cleaners in London to be more fuel efficient when travelling.

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