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Keeping A Healthy Office In Winter

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During colder weather it’s ordinary for us to want to keep the windows shut and to turn up the heating in the office, but doing so can put our health at risk and reduce air quality. Hiring commercial cleaning services in London is the best way to ensure you always have a clean and healthy office, but in the meantime you’ll find some useful tips below from our team of specialist cleaners!

Clear The Air In Your Office With Commercial Cleaning Services in London

Keeping windows closed and increasing the temperature of the office may keep everyone warm, but it will also create the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Without adequate ventilation, everyday pollutants in the air will lead to a decrease in oxygen levels, causing poor air quality. Stuffy, dry and polluted indoor air isn’t healthy for anyone, and it can make you more susceptible to colds and other viruses too.

  1. Hygiene – The spread of viruses in offices leads to more sick days off and a dirty office makes employees miserable. All of our cleaning staff at Julius Rutherfoord are highly trained to offer exceptional commercial cleaning services in London, keeping your office environment free of dirt and grime! Promoting thorough hand washing will help prevent the spread of viruses too.
  2. Open the windows – Air the office whenever the weather brightens up throughout the day to allow fresh air to enter and everyone will feel a little better for it! Doing this will also help to flush out all of those built-up pollutants and germs.
  3. Stop spraying – The use of chemical air fresheners and scents can actually worsen the air quality of the office. They can even trigger asthma in some people. Instead, see the above point and let some real fresh air in. As well as this, air filters and purifiers can also help to freshen the air quality of your office.
  4. Check the temperature – We’d recommend keeping the thermostat temperature between 18 and 21 degrees, so that the office isn’t overly hot! Dry, heated indoor air is also dehydrating, so drinking plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty, is important.
  5. Add some plants – Not only does research suggest that we feel happier and more productive around a bit of greenery, adding plants can actually improve air quality. The chrysanthemum and the spider plant and are a couple of our favourites!

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