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Sneezing Facts For Office Workers

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Though we associate sneezing with the cold and flu, it’s actually an important part of the immune process and exists to help keep us safe and healthy, clearing potentially harmful bacteria from our system. Julius Rutherfoord, an award-winning commercial cleaning company in London, takes a look at some sneezing facts and offer their expert advice to prevent the spread of viruses in the office.

Controlling The Spread Of Viruses In The Office

  • Sneezing produces thousands of microscopic and visible droplets (as many as 40,000). Each one of these droplets travels through the air at around 100 miles per hour.
  • Sneezing is often one of the first miserable signs of cold or flu, but they are triggered by a nerve transmission that communicates to your brain that something is in your nose that needs to come out.
  • Modern open-plan offices may have their benefits, but new research suggests that workers in these environments are much more susceptible to catching the cold or flu. This is because droplets from the sneeze travel much farther than previously thought, so with less walls (and therefore more contact with everyone), the whole office could be breathing in airborne specks from a sneeze within seconds.
  • These droplets can infect a person after just one hour, and since the flu virus is contagious for one day before symptoms set in, and between five and seven days afterward, the entire office could soon be coughing and sneezing!

It should come as no surprise that staying at home and distancing yourself from others when you feel ill will go some way to protecting them and help you to get some rest and feel better too. Since bacteria on any surface can survive for two to eight hours, encouraging employees to clean their hands thoroughly and regularly, especially after touching items known to harbour bacteria, will help to control all viruses spreading throughout the office. You can do this by putting up reminders in washrooms and installing hand sanitizing gel on office walls. Whilst these efforts will go some way to help prevent the spread of viruses and other harmful bacteria, Julius Rutherfoord’s cleaners can improve working conditions with premium cleaning services.

Julius Rutherfoord | Eradicating Outbreaks For Over Two Decades

Reputable commercial cleaning companies like Julius Rutherfoord work hard to provide the best level of service for all commercial, educational and community establishments, keeping workplaces healthy and preventing the outbreak of viruses. We’re proud to have a proven track record of eradicating outbreaks such as Norovirus in open-plan environments, and have a reputation as London’s most professional and reliable contract cleaning company.

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