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Teaching Good Hygiene Practices To School Children

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Teaching Good Hygiene Practices To School Children

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It’s not just parents who cultivate habits of cleanliness in children, teachers have a responsibility to teach and reinforce hygiene habits too. It’s vital that children understand the importance of cleanliness and order so they can lead happier and healthier lives.

Initiatives such as the Healthy School Project by Kimberly-Clark Professional* are going some way to help! Julius Rutherfoord’s experienced contract cleaners in London have been cleaning in schools and colleges for over 20 years, and we even won the Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Award for ‘best cleaned education premises in the UK’! Read on for advice on teaching school children good hygiene practises.

How Can We Teach Good Hygiene Practices To Children?

Children under 5 who wash with soap can reduce their risk of pneumonia by 46%, so making hand hygiene products accessible to remind young to wash, wipe and sanitize is vital. Young children are information sponges, so educating them about illness-causing germs at this stage of their lives will give them a head start.

  • Through Demonstration – Children learn a lot through imitating adults, so lead by example and practise good hygiene at all times. Put up illustrative posters encouraging them to wash their hands, brush their teeth and keep the surroundings clean, not just in washrooms, but also in classrooms too! Why not let them design and sketch these posters themselves?
  • Through Activities – Teaching children the importance of cleanliness doesn’t have to always be done inside the classroom, nor does it have to be a solitary learning exercise. Encourage teamwork and keep them active with activities such as organising the classroom and picking up litter outside.
  • With Rewards – Write up a list of hygiene do’s and don’ts (you could even do this as a class) and reward children for their efforts. Keeping their desk clean, not littering and washing their hands should all feature on the list. You could even award a certificate each week for a child who sets a great example for the rest of the class.

Whichever learning methods seem appropriate, there’s no disputing that learning about the hygiene best practices and keeping our schools clean is important. If you’re committed to keeping learning environments clean and safe, Julius Rutherfoord’s contract cleaners in London can help!

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At Julius Rutherfoord, we understand the issues relating to protecting and safeguarding children in schools, which is why we take security extremely seriously. All of our contract cleaners in London undertake the strictest staff vetting procedures and rigorous training before they’re even able to step out in a Julius Rutherfoord uniform.

Keep your educational premises clean and contact Julius Rutherfoord today. Our friendly customer services team are just a call away. Call us on 020 7819 6700 or email for further information!

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