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The WOW! Awards

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The WOW! Awards

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Julius Rutherfoord has joined forces with The WOW! Awards to launch a new recognition programme for its employees.

The WOW! Awards are a unique way of raising customer service standards, improving employee engagement and makes it easy for our customers to say ‘Thank You’.

The important work that cleaners perform each day often goes unrecognised. This is partly due to the fact that cleaning staff typically work outside of normal business hours and are rarely seen by the buildings’ users, but also due to the history of the profession, they are often only noticed when things go wrong.

Julius Rutherfoord aims to change the way the cleaning profession is viewed and recognising that cleaning staff play a vital role in creating a client’s first impression.  The WOW! Awards provide a platform for our cleaners to gain the recognition they deserve and also for customers to provide feedback on the services they receive.

Anyone experiencing the cleaning and support services that Julius Rutherfoord provides can submit a WOW! Award nomination on the Julius Rutherfoord website. These nominations are then independently judged by The WOW! Awards team, and certificates of recognition are awarded to the staff that have provided an outstanding service.

The benefits of The WOW! Awards are simple and straightforward. Employees feel valued when their hard work is recognised, increasing levels of staff satisfaction and pride in their work, which in turn, improves the service received by our clients.

The Wow Awards will be launched in June 2015, so if you feel that a member of Julius Rutherfoord staff is doing a particularly good job, please nominate them for a WOW! Award at

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