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Why Should You Use A Commercial Cleaning Company?

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It can sometimes be too easy for businesses to ignore the need for expert commercial cleaning services, instead ‘making do’ without to save on costs. Hiring a commercial cleaning company in London who offers a first-class cleaning service however, has its advantages. In this blog post we take a look at the benefits of hiring contract cleaningservices and offer some advice on choosing the right cleaning company for your establishment.

Could Your Business Benefit From A Commercial Cleaning Company?

The main benefit of a professional cleaning service has to be the most obvious one, but it shouldn’t be overlooked – that is, cleanliness. There’s nothing quite more miserable and off-putting than turning up to a filthy workplace five days a week. A premium commercial cleaning company in London however, such as Julius Rutherfoord, will go to great lengths to create a healthier, cleaner workplace environment each day so that everyone will feel happier and more motivated.

Not only will your commercial establishment look wonderful from top to bottom due to the high level training that is received by all cleaners, you could also save money! A professional commercial cleaning company will ensure the right staffing levels are deployed and will use the latest specialist equipmentto clean, restore and preserve all types of floor. This can significantly reduce refurbishment costs and prevent damaged surfaces caused by poor maintenance.

By hiring a professional commercial cleaning company in London you are outsourcing the often laborious process of managing your cleaning; this will save businesses valuable time that they can spend concentrating on their company instead. Here at Julius Rutherfoord, if your cleaner is away on holiday our management team will know in advance and act efficiently to source temporary cover during their absence – saving you time and money.

You can be sure our cleaners are trained to the highest of standards as every 6 months all cleaning staff undergo training programmes to ensure they are aware of the latest cleaning and health and safety procedures. Additionally, you can be sure you are receiving value for money as our site auditors will undertake an impartial assessment of your site to guarantee that our cleaning standards live up to what we promise.

By working with the right professional cleaning company, you can also dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. At Julius Rutherfoord, we are proud to operate a 0% waste to land fill waste management service, as well as using chemical free cleaning products and waterless cleaning technology where appropriate; something that many in-house cleaning teams may be unaware of.

When it comes to office cleaning, we don’t just wipe clean each desk, we individually clean your IT equipment and telephones (known to harbour thousands of bacteria), using specially formulated products that won’t damage sensitive electronic equipment; this kind of attention to detail is practiced across all of our cleaning services.

What Should You Look For?

With so many cleaning companies out there, it’s wise to practise caution and do a little research before committing to hiring one. You can learn a lot about a company by looking for reviews from past clients, often available online. Try a ‘Google’ search or contact the company directly for past client testimonials. Another key indicator of a reputable cleaning company is their experience in the industry, and in particular, experience cleaning in the same sector as your own establishment.

Julius Rutherfoord | A Premium Cleaning Company In London

If you’ve started to notice dirt and grime at the office or elsewhere, a commercial cleaning company may be just what you need. Free yourself from the duties of cleaning by hiring a specialist commercial cleaning company in London today. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Julius Rutherfoord cleaning services are amongst the best in London. Contact our customer care team today to enquire about our services on 020 7819 6700.

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