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Would You Choose The Cheaper Cleaning Service?

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Cleaners often undertake some of the most undervalued yet essential work in our society, and their pay scale ranges depending on where they are employed. Unfortunately, many establishments focus on the cost of cleaning services rather than the quality of service offered, meaning that many cleaners across London are frequently poorly paid. Julius Rutherfoord, an award winning commercial cleaning company in London, investigates why cleaning services are often thought so little of, and considers the benefits and disadvantages of hiring a cheap cleaning service.

The Benefits & Disadvantages Of InexpensiveCleaning Services

A low-cost cleaning service may save your establishment a few extra pounds in the short-term, but the countless benefits a premium commercial cleaning company in Londonwill bring to your business far exceed the latter. Poorly paid cleaners are often (understandably) less motivated, receive little or no training, have low self-esteem and are more likely to underperform.

In contrast, a reputable cleaning company will pay their cleaners fairly and train them to the highest of standards to ensure they are motivated, feel safe, and are equipped with the knowledge and resources to clean thoroughly and professionally. Aside from the moral dilemma of hiring low paid cleaners, cheap cleaning agencies often have a high turnover of staff, leaving you with a regrettablyinconsistent and unreliable service.This may be how some contractors save a few pounds, but does your organisation want to be associated with such practices?

It has been suggested that employees that are frequently engaged at work are 18% more productive and 35% more efficient (Engage For Success), which is why Julius Rutherfoord’s specialist cleaners have all received expert BICSc-accredited training at our head office in Battersea, and why every six months they’re all retrained again. This routine training engages our cleaners and helps us to continuously offer a premium, efficient cleaning service to all of our clients.

Although we like to think that we offer all of our clients incredibly good value for money, we don’t actively seek to undertake low budget work, such as one-off cleans or part-time cleaning, where the primary criteria is cost savings rather than quality service. This enables us to pay each and every one our cleaners above the national minimum wage and hire them long term,ensuring they deliver a consistent and exceptional service every time.

Julius Rutherfoord | An Ethical Commercial Cleaning Company In London

Take a look at our guide to see 8 ways in which paying a small premium for top quality cleaning services can save you money then download our guide. If you would like to learn more aboutour commercial cleaning company in London, or require our services for your establishment, please don’t hesitate to call our experts today on 020 7819 6700.

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