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A Quarterly Deep Clean Goes A Long Way In Your Commercial Office

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Whether you take the lift up past many floors to a contemporary, open-plan office space, or head to an overall less glamorous office building in London every day, there’s nothing quite like a quarterly deep clean to brighten your employees’ spirits and make a great impression to clients and customers alike.

Here at Julius Rutherfoord we offer a first-class commercial office cleaning in London, so if you’re considering a quarterly deep clean or have ever wondered what cleaning companies such as Julius Rutherfoord do during a quarterly deep clean, read on to find out!

What Happens During A Quarterly Deep Clean?

Before our cleaners get started, afull site specific risk assessment will be carried out, allowing them to appropriately choose the perfect cleaning methods and safety equipment for your establishment.

  • During a deep clean, our expert cleaners carry out the highest level of cleaning on all surfaces, including walls, doors, cupboard tops, window frames and ledges (and blinds), and even light fittings, amongst other surfaces.
  • Using the latest specialist machines, and staff who have been trained and accredited by ProChem, we will then clean all of your floors. Whether your office is carpeted or has hard floors, we will use a recommended specialist method to make your floors look as good as new once again. From steam cleaning and high pressure jet washing, to machine scrubbing, all of our professional cleaners are trained to safely and effectively clean using these specialist machines.
  • Next, where applicable (and as agreed beforehand), we strip all of the old sealant from hard floors using a floor machine and stripper. After this, floors are thoroughly rinsed and a wet pick-up machine is used to remove any excess sealant or dirt. All the floors are than resealed using a sealant approved by the client.
  • Finally, we dry dust every wall across your commercial office to a height of 16 feet, before washing and dry polishing all internal door and partition glass – once again to a height of 16 feet.

Whether you require our office deep cleaning services as a standalone service or in conjunction with your daily commercial office cleaning in London services, why not call Julius Rutherfoord today to discuss your requirements?

Expert Commercial Office Cleaning For London

With over 2 decades of experience in the cleaning industry, there’s no better company to choose in London than Julius Rutherfoord. So, if you’re looking for commercial office cleaning in London, or would like more information about our services, call our advisors on 020 7819 6700 or email

Deep Clean Goes A Long Way In Your Commercial Office

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