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Cleaning In Learning Environments With Young Children

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When you think back to your school days, you maybe reminded of a particularly inspiring or supportiveteacher, or of the relationships formed, but it’s unlikely that you’ll remember the unsung heroes who contributed to everyone’s daily wellbeing – staff, students and visitors alike. Cleaning operatives, caretakers and ground maintenance teams all have incredibly important roles to play in schools, particularly in learning environments with young children.Where health, hygiene and safety are taken seriously, children can feel both safe and secure, thus giving them the opportunity to develop and learn without qualm. Read on to find out how a professional contract cleaning company in London can provide a better classroom environment for young children.

Providing A Safe And Hygienic Learning Environment In Classrooms

Whether it’s the first time you handcrafted castles from sand, smelt the stink of rotten fruit, or the instant you understood the constant pull of gravity when you fell bare knee onto concrete, all young children need a clean and safe environment in which to explore, experiment, and learn basic knowledge through direct experience.

Not only will a clean, hygienic and orderly environment reduce the spread of illness – whichstudies have shown cause kids to miss on average 4.5 days a year, and staff5.3 days a year – it can also improve air quality and minimise hazards such as slips, trips and falls. Studies have shown that children under 5 who wash with soap can reduce their risk of pneumonia by 46%, meaning that access to hand hygiene products is vital.

Initiatives such as the Healthy School Project by Kimberly-Clark Professional are helping to reduce the presence and spread of germs in schools. ‘Schools have their own unique “hot spots” that typically harbor the most germs. When ill students touch a doorknob, keyboard, desk or other surface, they leave germs that can live up to 48 hours. The Healthy Schools Project educates students on a simple protocol of “wash, wipe and sanitize,” reinforced with lesson plans, on-site materials and products, to help engage students in making their school a healthier place.’

With highly trained and accredited cleaning operatives from a safe and reliable contract cleaning company in London, and a little initiative, young children can thrive in their learning environment.

A clean school promotes a positive learning experience, teaches respect for property and environment, encourages good hygiene practices, such as hand washing, and also provides a positive image of the school for visitors and parents, reassuring them of their child’s safety and wellbeing. As well as all of these things, the services of a contract cleaning company in London can reduce costs in the long-run too, by preventing deterioration of the property, furniture and electronic equipment.

Working With Schools To Provide Clean And Safe Learning Environments

Julius Rutherfoord, a professional contract cleaning company in London who have provided unbeatable school cleaning services for over 20 years, understand the requirements of educational environments. All of our school cleaners have passed through the strictest of vetting procedures, and are highly trained to use and prepare cleaning agents safely and responsibly in schools. Our success in the education sector has been most noticeably recognised through winning the Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Award for ‘Best cleaned educational premises in the UK’. If you require contract cleaning services for your establishment, or would like more information, call our dedicated customer services team by telephone on 020 7819 6700, or email

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