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Did Your Office Contribute To The Fatberg?

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Large toxic masses of congealed fat and wet wipes – otherwise known as ‘fatbergs’ – are causing mayhem in London. The most recent and staggering fatberg, which weighed over 10 tonnes, was located beneath Draycott Avenue and Walton Street in Chelsea, West London. Read on to find out more about these menacing fatbergs and our environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning services for London.

London’s Fatbergs Cause Severe Damage To Sewers

In just 5 years, Thames Water has dealt with 200,000 blockages in its sewers, which has consequently caused flooding in an estimated 18,000 homes. The Chelsea fatberg, which was found in March 2015, was so heavy and enormous (40 metres long in fact), that it damaged a lengthy section of the sturdy 1940’s era sewer – some of which irreparably.

The water company’s work is expected to exceed two months, and will involve the workers digging down by hand to get to the (approximately 39) affected pipes. This work won’t just be disruptive to Londoners, but it will also take up valuable time. Time which, if people disposed of their waste and fat correctly, or at least used commercial cleaning services in London to do this for them, could be better used.

Additionally, it may come as no surprise to learn that these repairs are expected to cost around £400,000. Thames Water has dealt with bigger fatbergs in previous years however; in 2013, workers spent 4 days clearing an 80-metre-long fatberg in Kingston which weighed 15 tonnes, so Chelsea’s newest arrival shouldn’t be too much of an ordeal for the water company.

What Can Everyone Do To Prevent Fatbergs?

These enormous solid lumps are caused by people pouring used cooking oil down sink plugholes, and using wet wipes as an alternative to toilet paper, which then combines with general waste and blocks our sewers. 1 in 5 people admit to flushing wet wipes, according to research by Thames Valley. The advice is simply to bin fat and use toilet paper instead.

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services in London from a reputable, experienced company, choose Julius Rutherfoord. Not only do we provide an unparalleled service, we do it in a way which is friendly to the environment. By being more fuel efficient and using greener, more sustainable waste management solutions, and incorporating chemical-free cleaning products into our work, we’re doing our bit to protect the environment.

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