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What To Expect From A Specialist Carpet Cleaning Service

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What To Expect From A Specialist Carpet Cleaning Service

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Maintaining the condition or cleaning a carpet isn’t always straightforward, since carpet materials can vary dramatically. It’s not always antique or expensive carpets that require specialist treatments to clean and care for them either; cheap carpets that are heavily soiled or haven’t been cleaned for a long time will also need tending to. If you’re looking for office cleaning services in London that provide specialist carpet cleaning services, make sure you read the below information about the differing treatments available for different types of carpets first.

The Challenges Of Carpet Cleaning

Most carpets will contain a mixture of traditional wool fibres and synthetic materials, but some are made of more unusual ingredients, making them sensitive to certain carpet treatments. The cleaning company you choose should have adequate training, equipment, experience and knowledge of different carpets and their requirements to reduce the risk of damage occurring and to achieve the best possible results.

Delicate fibred carpets with sisal, sea grass, silk, rayon, bamboo or coir in them can be very problematical to clean, since shrinking, fading or colour loss can occur with wet extraction methods. Dry or low moisture cleaning is required for these carpets. Cleaners who are faced with an antique carpet will also need to be aware of damage risks, especially if specialist rotary brush equipment is the preferred method. These machines are often too aggressive for delicate carpets, and frayed or loose strands can sometimes get caught inside them. This could potentially damage the carpet irreparably. Fine fabric detergent will be required when wet cleaning delicate or antique carpets.

Some modern, yet cheaper carpets may be more resistant to daily wear-and-tear, but they can also be difficult to clean as they often have unstable dyes that break down and bleed with wet extraction methods.

Chewing gum that has been embedded into carpets is also a problem for many establishments. Some office cleaning services in London will use high pressure water jets or steam cleaning machines for the removal of chewing gum, including Julius Rutherfoord, a premium clean company operating the London and the surrounding areas. If you’re unsure whether your carpet needs professional treatment to get it looking as good as new, consider the level of soiling, stained areas and the age of the carpet before deciding.

Specialist Carpet Cleaning Services From Julius Rutherfoord

Julius Rutherfoord have over two decades of experience offering educational and office cleaning services in London. They use recommended cleaning agents and equipment and are highly trained to deal with all manner of carpets. If your carpet is overdue a professional clean, call their friendly and expert team today on 0207 819 6700 for a quote or more information.

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