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Why Julius Rutherfoord Take Cleaning Training Seriously

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Why Julius Rutherfoord Take Cleaning Training Seriously

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Julius Rutherfoord are one of the few contract cleaning companies in London who have a BICSc accredited in-house training academy, where all of our staff are thoroughly trained before we deploy them on a site. They’re also then retrained at least once every six months from there on in, so you can always expect a first-class, consistent service wherever your establishment is located in London. We take the training of our staff seriously for various reasons; read on to find out more!

Always Providing First-Class Cleaning Services With Professional Training

We invest time and money into finding the most professional, effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment and productsWe equip our staff with high quality training that ensures they implement suitable cleaning procedures and use the equipment properly not only for their benefit but it’s also cost-effective and efficient for our clients and the business too!

Unfortunately, not all contract cleaning companies in London equip their cleaners with adequate training, so although they may offer lower rates for their services, it doesn’t always mean that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Making sure every employee receives professional, highly quality training helps to streamline our cleaning procedures across the company and minimise opportunity for error, some of which can have devastating consequences, such as with slip, trip and fall accidents. By providing necessary training to all of our employees, such as how to safely and responsibly use and dispose of chemical solutions and specialist equipment, we aren’t compromising their health and safety or yours, which is imperative particularly in environments with children and vulnerable adults.

Furthermore, by re-training them, we ensure that Julius Rutherfoord’s high standards are constantly maintained. By empowering our employees to be knowledgeable and take pride in their work, they consequently do a better job and are more motivated and efficient in their work, which is cost and time-effective!

Cleaning companies that don’t invest in adequate staff training on an ongoing basis only give momentum to unsafe practices, which are developed in the first instant through insufficient or no training. To be a safe, efficient and profitable organisation, all contract cleaning companies need to take responsibility for the training of their staff.

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Julius Rutherfoord, an acclaimed contract cleaning company for London of commercial and educational establishments across the London area has won numerous awards for their fantastic cleaning services and they promote greener living too!

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