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Avoiding Pests In The Office

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Avoiding Pests In The Office

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It stands to reason that a clean environment will be the best way to avoid pests in the office, but sometimes the most obvious advice can escape our notice. If you’re the owner of a business, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your establishment is adequately cleaned and maintained to deter unwanted and potentially hazardous pests. So if you have a pest problem, contact Julius Rutherfoord, a professional and reliable commercial cleaning company in London.

Of course prevention rather than treatment is (as always) more cost effective and beneficial, so below we’ve put together some useful tips to help you to avoid pests, plus a little more information about the pest control and cleaning services we can provide.

Prevent Pest Presence In Your Office With These Simple Tips

Rodents and insects such as mice, birds, ants, flies and cockroaches can have devastating effects on businesses, especially in a large, densely populated city such as London. A specialist commercial cleaning company for London such as Julius Rutherfoord however, can effectively and discreetly eliminate troublesome pests in the event of an infestation.

To minimise the risk of an infestation, a good tip is to keep your commercial building in a good state of repair, sweeping up crumbs and picking up any rubbish, as just these two simple acts can go a long way. You should also dispose of all waste correctly, not just because rotting, foul-smelling rubbish is off-putting, but also because decaying organic matter provides the perfect breeding environment for pests such as flies.

Overfull bins can also attract nuisance birds and other rodents, so not overfilling bins and emptying them regularly will decrease your chances of a pest infestation. As well as pest control services, our commercial cleaning company for London can also provide a waste management service, which is both environmentally-friendly and efficient.

In addition to the above, it may be of interest to businesses across London that a new EU Pest Control standard has recently been introduced for all cleaning companies who carry out pest management services. These standards contain clear requirements and guidelines that can be used not only to improve the quality of service clients receive, but also to minimise public health risks and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Julius Rutherfoord, Your Commercial Cleaning Company In London

In the event of an infestation, Julius Rutherfoord can provide a discreet and effective pest control service. If you would like more information about our cleaning and maintenance services, please contact our friendly advisors on 020 7819 6700.

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