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Could Music Make A Perfect Workplace Environment?

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There has been lots of research about whether listening to music can boost employee productivity or not, and the findings aren’t immediately clear. Of course there are numerous things that are proven to significantly improve workplace productivity, such as cleanliness and office design, but when it comes to listening to music whilst working, its seems there’s no unanimous verdict. Read on to find out about how both music and our commercial cleaning services in London could help your business succeed.

Boosting Productivity In The Workplace With Music

Music in the workplace was once unimaginable, but by the early 20th century it became more common. Jazz was introduced into lifts in commercial office buildings, and stores began playing upbeat music to make shoppers more inclined to buy. Music affects the way we work and think in more ways than we might realise, as can an uncluttered, clean environment. As a child, you may have been soothed to sleep with gentle music, but whilst listening to a fast tempo song in the gym, you may have felt more motivated and pushed yourself harder, suggesting only certain music will boost productivity.

Whilst music, and in particular new, unfamiliar music and music with lyrics, can be distracting, research has suggested that music we’re accustomed to, or music without lyrics, can actually help us to focus. When you’ve worked all week and it gets to Friday afternoon, for instance, listening to music whilst you work can be a lifesaver. It can pump you up for a big task when all you really want to do is go home. The emergence of open plan office designs are no help either, as noise, interruptions, and a lack of privacy can reduce our concentration and cause our minds to wander. To escape an environment that’s too noisy and drown out distracting co-workers, or to make a repetitive job feel livelier, popping your headphones in can be the ultimate solution.

This said, music can make us less productive depending on the task we’re doing. It’s great for mundane, familiar work for example, but when the task is something new and challenging that requires your undivided attention, music probably isn’t the best idea – unless of course, you’re being more distracted by your environment. Clearly, the answer to whether music in the office is better or not isn’t a simple one! Thankfully, though, it’s well proven that a fresh, well maintained office space will improve productivity. So that’s where our commercial cleaning services in London come in!

Expert Commercial Cleaning Services In London

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