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Creating A Better Workplace With Employee Rewards

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Creating A Better Workplace With Employee Rewards

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We can all benefit from a cleaner and more organised workplace environment, but being motivated to keep on top of everything isn’t always easy. Encouraging employees to improve their performance, attendance and even organise and maintain their personal desk by recognising their achievements and accentuating the positive will only give them areason to further push themselves and surpass expectations. Read on to find out about our commercial cleaners in London and how you can create a better workplace (and consequently a more successful business) with employee rewards!

Rewarding Employees And Bettering The Workplace Environment

When given the responsibility, the resources, the space and the recognition, people will generally exceed all expectations. The benefits of reward programmes for both businesses and employees are enormous, so it stands to reason that more businesses should develop their own workplace incentives

Motivating your staff to keep their desk clean and orderly for instance, isn’t just likely to improve their productivity and wellbeing, but will also give prospective clients or customers who visit your establishment a better impression. A chaotic space can drastically affect your company image, and rightly so too, since chaos will only lead to reduced productivity and motivation. Here are several employee reward ideas to help create a more positive and successful workplace environment:

  • Congratulate individuals or departments who do their best to improve the appearance and cleanliness or their desk – whether this is through a companywide e-newsletter, a certificate, or even a prize such as a shopping or restaurant voucher.You could introduce a ‘Cleaner Desk Initiative’ and highlight the benefits of a cleaner, more organised desk through email to promote a better workplace environment. Make sure to keep cleaning wipes in close proximity to encourage this too. Why not reward those who are conscious of the environment and try to cut down on paper?
  • Send out an anonymous survey to get an idea of what your employees think about the state of the office. With this, create a short mission statement for everyone to adhere to.
  • If a team has continually met or exceeded their work targets, organise a fun team outing. Of course those who aren’t as productive would also benefit from a little team bonding and appreciation, so if you’re looking to increase motivation, make sure everyone has a chance!

Julius Rutherfoord also has a variety of incentives for our hard-working commercial cleaners in London, from supporting recognition programmes such as The WOW! Awards, to our own ‘Cleaner of the Month’ certificate which recognises staff who demonstrate a level of effort and commitment which is above and beyond that which is usually expected. We also pay all of our head office employees the London Living Wageas a minimum and actively encourage our potential clients to adopt the London Living Wage into their cleaning contract. All of thesethings combined help to increase morale, productivity, results and staff retention rate.

Do You Need Commercial Cleaners In London?

Julius Rutherfoord provides expert commercial cleaning services for many different sectors. So whether you require a grounds maintenance team to rid litter and keep outdoor spaces beautifully maintained, or need commercial cleaners in London to provide a premium daily cleaning service, there’s no disputing that Julius Rutherfoord will offer a first-class cleaning service.

If you require professional commercial cleaners in London, contact our customer care team today on 020 7819 6700, or email

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