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How Can Commercial Businesses Benefit From Ground Maintenance Services?

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How Can Commercial Businesses Benefit From Ground Maintenance Services?

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A relatively new addition to Julius Rutherfoord, our ground maintenance experts are an asset to our company; whether it’s litter picking, bulk refuse collection, tree felling or removing discarded furniture, our specially trained ground maintenance teams can tackle almost any outdoor problem. Whether you require the services of our office cleaners in London or are considering ground maintenance and gardening services, read on to find out more.

How Could Ground Maintenance Services Improve Your Company?

There’s a wealth of benefits to having neat and tidy outdoor commercial grounds; from increasing longevity of architectural elements, to minimising health and safety risks. The most obvious of all advantages has to be the appearance of any outdoor spaces; arriving to the office each day without having to worry about litter, overgrown hedges or other annoyances’ is a weight off your mind and a foolproof way to start your day on a positive note. A nice environment, whether created indoors with our office cleaners in London, or outdoors, reduces stress and, in turn, boosts the productivity of all staff.

Commercial businesses with visiting clients also have their company image to think of. Without well maintained and welcoming surroundings, you’re at risk of losing clients to competitors with a strong company image. A commercial business that can’t control its hedges and lawns doesn’t bode well for a client. Therefore, well cared for grounds will instil a trust in clients and visitors – whether they’re aware of it or not – that is sure to set your company on the right path to a successful business.

Last but not least, and perhaps most importantly, a good ground maintenance team will make your commercial grounds safer for all. Litter can attract unwanted pests, while neglected grounds can obstruct road markings which can lead to a hazardous environment. Trip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury and claims for workplace environments in the UK, so by adhering to health and safety guidelines, and ensuring that a regular, expert ground maintenance team keeps your outdoor spaces orderly and safe, you can avoid unexpected and costly payouts too.

Require Office Cleaners In London?

If you require a professional and efficient ground maintenance team or office cleaners in London to keep exterior and interior areas safe and well maintained, contact Julius Rutherfoord, an experienced and premium cleaning company operating throughout London. Our office cleaners for London are all BICSc-accredited and are regularly retrained at our Head Office in Battersea to ensure optimal results.

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