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Keeping The Workplace Kitchen Clean: Tips And Advice

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Keeping The Workplace Kitchen Clean: Tips And Advice

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A communal kitchen in the office that is clean is not only important for employee health; it can also encourage collaboration and help create a positive workplace environment. Grimy microwave buttons, blocked plugholes, overfull bins and a shortage of kitchen essentials can quickly lead to a demotivated workforce, especially since germs and viruses can quickly spread throughout the office, causing staff illness.

If all of this sounds familiar to you, perhaps cleaning services from a commercial contract cleaning company like Julius Rutherfoord is what you need. Our expert cleaners will ensure that all surfaces are sanitary before use; including common touch points (such as kettle handles and taps) which should receive particular attention. Read on to get some more helpful kitchen cleaning tips!

Cleaning Advice For Office Kitchen

Sometimes, the most obvious actions can escape our notice. Taking an extra second to wipe down food splatters in the microwave rather than rushing to eat your food may be a nuisance, but it’s also unhygienic not to. Therefore, it’s important that businesses keep soap, hand towels, tissues and cleaning wipes replenished to encourage cleanliness.

Our commercial contract cleaning services include sanitising all surfaces in all high traffic areas, but keeping food covered and cleaning up spills and leaks when they occur are just some of the ways employees can help to maintain their office kitchen too. It may sound insignificant, but by investing in a cleaning company and showing workers that their health is important to you, they are bound to feel more appreciated and content in their employment, consequently boosting their motivation and productivity.

Foul-smelling, overfull bins that aren’t regularly emptied can also negatively impact your business, so having an effective waste management solution in place – preferably one that is also kind to the environment – is sure to have an overall positive effect on morale and motivation in the workplace.

To promote the effectiveness of simple cleaning practices such as hand washing, why not put up awareness posters throughout your establishment?

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Julius Rutherfoord provide commercial contract cleaning services for a range of sectors. So whether you simply require a general daily cleaning service, or would like a grounds maintenance team to rid litter and keep outdoor spaces beautifully maintained, Julius Rutherfoord’s expert cleaners can meet your specific requirements.

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