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Keeping Your Law Firm Orderly

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Keeping Your Law Firm Orderly

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There are numerous benefits to keeping your law firm, or indeed any office, more organised and orderly. From creating a more trustworthy and professional company image for prospective clients, to improving work conditions and streamlining business processes. Read on for great tips and advice about getting your office in order and find out how commercial cleaning services in London could help.

Simple Tips To Organise Your Commercial Business

Organising your office may initially feel like a waste a time, but the positive effects far outweigh the negatives. Taking the time to de-clutter, sanitize and create order in your workplace environment will improve employee wellbeing and health, which will consequently help to maximise their work productivity.

  1. Purge – The advantages of empty, clear-of-clutter spaces are often overlooked, but getting rid of everything that’s either unused or no longer of use will instantly breathe new life into your office. Whether it’s encouraging workers to keep their desks tidy or recycling dusty, shabby furniture – get your office shape with a little TLC.

  2. Handy Proximity – Think about where what kind of work is done in the office and relocate associated equipment that is needed for that particular task. This will reduce wasted time walking back and forth to print a document off, for instance, and will improve worker productivity.

  3. Revise Your Filling System – Our need to store physical documents has decreased as technology has advanced, so revisit your hard copy filing system and consider storing it on a secure digital system instead to free up space. If you’re using your own computer, remember to systemise your computer desktop too.

  • Clean Frequent Touch Points – Office keyboards, phones, and door handles are just some frequent touch points that harbour (sometimes harmful) dirt and bacteria. Julius Rutherfoord, who provide professional and reliable commercial cleaning services for London, have specially formulated cleaning wipes to keep these frequently missed areas clean.

  • Clear Passageways – Obstructions in high traffic areas are not just a healthy and safety hazard, they are also detrimental to your company image. Contain loose cables and keep them out of site where possible and move the leafy office plant out of the narrow passageway to somewhere more appropriate.

Do You Need Commercial Cleaning Services In London?

By hiring expert commercial cleaning services in London, your law firm can be as streamlined and ordered as your legal processes. If your office is in need of highly trained, professional cleaners, get in touch with Julius Rutherfoord today. We provide commercial cleaning services in London for a multitude of sectors, from law firms to marketing offices and more. Call 020 7819 6700 today or email to speak with one of our friendly advisors

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