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Safety At Work: What Should Be In The First-Aid Box?

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Safety At Work: What Should Be In The First-Aid Box?

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Health and safety should be of paramount importance to all in the workplace. Whether a client, customer or employee is sick or injured, it is vital that immediate attention is given to the person involved. Of course prevention rather than treatment is less harmful to both person and business, so whether it’s time you hired a company who provide commercial office cleaning in London to maintain high standards in your company and prevent the spread of illness, or need some advice about safety measures, read on for a simple guide to health and safety in the office.

Health And Safety Advice For Commercial Offices

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 requires all businesses to provide adequate and appropriate first-aid equipment, facilities and people so your employees can be given immediate help if they are injured or taken ill at work. However, there is no set list of items you as an employer are required to have in a first-aid box. You should carry out a full site risk assessment of your office, which should highlight potential hazards and help you to decide what items may be needed.

If the work your employees carry out are not particularly hazardous, such as general office duties, our first-aid kit stock recommendations are below:

  • Individually wrapped sterile plasters of different sizes
  • Sterile eye pads
  • Individually wrapped bandages
  • Safety pins
  • Large, sterile wound dressing
  • Disposable gloves

The above is a suggested contents list only. Your first-aid kit should reflect the outcome of your risk assessment.

As well as preventing illness with effective cleaning, injuries caused by slip, trip or fall accidents in the workplace can also be avoided with simple and sensible safety measures. The fact is slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury in the workplace in the UK, so all employers should take the below advice seriously.

  • It’s no news that spillages on hard floors can be slippery, so it makes sense that promptly cleaning up spillages when they occur will lessen the chance of slip and fall accidents.
  • Making sure uneven or loose flooring is fixed, poor lighting is replaced and all obstructions such as trailing wires and clutter is removed (particularly in high traffic areas) will all help to create a safer workplace environment.
  • Last but not least, using a company who is experienced in carrying out commercial office cleaning in London can also make a huge difference, particularly if they offer specialist services such as carpet and hard floor care.

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Minimise the risk of illness and injury by encouraging safe working practices and implementing an effective commercial office cleaning in London service, and be prepared with a fully equipped first-aid box just in case. If you would like more information about the cleaning services we provide telephone on 020 7819 6700, or email

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