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Taking Care Of Our Environment: Ingenious Recycling Management Services

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Taking Care Of Our Environment: Ingenious Recycling Management Services

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As an environmentally-aware company, our trusted contractors and commercial cleaners in London all actively seek to provide high quality services that are also ethical and friendly to our environment. We believe that every individual has a personal responsibility to protect the environment, and so we encourage our clients to ‘go green’ wherever possible. Read on to find out more about Julius Rutherfoord’s efforts to be more environmentally-friendly and in particular, how our revolutionary recycling management services help to protect our planet.

Protect Our Planet By Recycling

Our environment is becoming increasingly more difficult to preserve. As global warming increases, it is now, more than ever, important to ‘do our bit’. However, while we are all very aware that we should recycle, it is not always clear why we should recycle.

Popping that empty can of pop into the recycling bin and recognising how significant that one act is to our planet can be baffling, but by better understanding recycling processes and their benefits, we’ll all be more inclined to embrace recycling as a natural and necessary part of life.

As of 1st January of this year, new waste regulations mean that all UK companies are required to recycle what waste they can. If you’re thinking about hiring commercial cleaners in London, or need regular, safe and secure recycling management services, read more about the benefits below.

Recycling And Waste Management

  • How Does It Help?

    Landfills aren’t only eyesores; they have a huge detrimental effect on our environment – from emitting greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, to contaminating the groundwater and more.

    Here at Julius Rutherfoord, we have a 0% landfill waste policy; meaning that all of the waste that our expert contractors collect isn’t dumped, but is instead incinerated for electricity production – a process often referred to as ‘waste-to-energy’ . It isn’t just the usual plastic, cans and paper we recycle however, we also sort and recycle food, textiles, WEEE and batteries too. In addition, we have a closed-loop recycled white paper system, which ensures the paper we collect is reformed as new copy paper.

    All processes are undertaken within London which helps to further reduce transport pollution.

Recycling Management Services And Commercial Cleaners In London

Here at Julius Rutherfoord, we work with all of our clients to implement environmental initiatives, including recycling/waste management solutions and innovative chemical-free cleaning methods.

If you require eco-friendly commercial cleaners in London or want to know more about our appropriately accredited and fully licensed recycling and waste management contractors, get in touch with Julius Rutherfoord today. Call 020 7819 6700, or email

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